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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Focus is on low middle-market acquisitions and divestitures ($5 million to $50 million) with services for sellers or buyers. Preparation of business offering memorandums and marketing of divestitures on a confidential basis to targeted qualified buyers or seeking out strategic domestic or international merger partners on behalf of seller. Acquisition searches, technology licenses, due diligence and market validations on behalf of buyers. Divest or spinout product lines or business centers which no longer fit with corporate strategy. Advisor to negotiations, deal structuring alternatives and tax consequences. 

Corporate Finance and Business Valuations

Raising Capital for small to medium sized businesses and venture backed startups. External deal structuring and funding alternatives: venture capital, private equity or debt financings, investment banking sources and corporate investment alliances. $1 million to $50 million in equity or debt financing for start-ups or mezzanine financing. 

Business valuations for private or corporate ownership for sale, merger or estate valuations. Valuations for partnerships, C Corporations or S Corporations: investments, changes for tax purposes, IRS Rule 409A requirements for stock option grants, stock buybacks, management buyouts, mergers or other exchange transactions. Also provide valuations of new ventures, intellectual properties, technology licenses or patents.

Market Research, Due Diligence and Market Validation

Specializing in RF/MW military/aerospace components, subsystems and equipment for radar, EW/ECM and communications applications, commercial telecommunications, wired and wireless data/voice/video networks, UAV/STUAV surveillance and mobile communications components and equipment. Market surveys conducted through wide industry contacts including military/aerospace OEMs, government agencies, telecommunications carriers, system integrators, equipment and component suppliers, industry experts, published market data and general industry knowledge. Market and product validation for quantity and price forecasts, performance/feature criteria, buying motives and customer selection criteria. Market due diligence for M&A or investment activities. 

Strategic Marketing and Customer Capture

Strategic rather than a tactical approach to sales and marketing. Review of company technology/IP, key capabilities and strengths to focus on strategic customers or programs/applications identification and capture which bring value beyond the business they provide. Support internal engineering, sales and marketing through the complete customer development and capture process. 

Business Planning and Corporate Development

Assist corporate clients in identifying core competencies or technologies, which can be used to form new businesses. Assist in planning and organizing the business with marketing, technical and management resources. Assist with “kick-starting” new businesses with recruiting of key personnel, product definition, initial marketing/selling efforts, identifying target customers, setting up distribution channels and business alliances, technology licensing or acquisitions as required.
Intellectual Property Valuation and Management
Assist clients in capturing and exploiting all relevant intellectual property in tangible assets: patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights. Provide economic valuations of Patents or proposed patents and other intellectual properties. 

Provide management leadership and tools to:

Develop an Intellectual Properties capture and management plan
Promote easy creation of patent applications for engineers 
Provide strategic focus on future development needs based on current state of the art 
Provide training to managers and engineers on the uses of IP as a business tool
Exploit IP as part of a regular business practice
Value Patents and IP for financing activities
Participate in legal actions related to Patent enforcement or IP infringement

Technology and IP Licensing

Evaluate technology or intellectual property for either buyers or sellers for purposes of licensing. Prepare reports with analysis of technology or IP and identify potential buyers or sellers. Negotiate terms and conditions of use and negotiate royalties and fee structure as well as the transfer of the technology or IP.