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Industries Served
Wireless Telecommunications; Terrestrial, Satellite

Mobile Multimedia Hardware and Software

RF/Microwave/Millimeter Components and Subsystems

RF/Microwave semiconductors and MMICS

Mixed Signal and high speed ADC/DAC semiconductors

Fiber Optic/Optoelectronic Components and Subsystems

Satellite Communications, VSAT, Airborne, Mobile

Military EW/ECM, RCIED Jamming, ComJam

SIGINT/ELINT; Electronic Surveillance 

Military Communications, C3I, Tactical Data Links/TCDL

Radars; SAR, Phased Array, Search and Tracking

Surveillance; Video, Electro Optical, Infrared

Antennas; Telemetry, VSAT, SOTM, Airborne, Mobile

UAV/STUAV/UCAS Surveillance & Communications

Embedded Computer Technology; FPGAs, Ruggedized

Digital Video Compression and Wireless Transmission Technologies

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Alternative Energy Generation, Efficiency Improvements, and Power Conversion Technologies 

Clean Technologies; Water, Gas & Oil, Air Pollution Mitigation and Treatment Technologies