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Peter G. Sutherland
Peter G. Sutherland is the founder and President of Peter G. Sutherland & Associates, LLC. Mr. Sutherland has over 35 years experience in business. Before starting his own management consulting business, Mr. Sutherland had prior experience as an owner/entrepreneur, President/CEO, general manager, marketing and sales management and various engineering assignments in high technology manufacturing companies. He has served on the Board of Board of Directors of several companies and is an advisor to several others. Since 1987 Mr. Sutherland has been engaged in areas of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and financing activities. He has also assisted various clients in areas such as strategic planning, market research, business development, corporate strategic alliances, technology licensing and transfer for domestic and international clients.
Mr. Sutherland’s management consulting practice specializes in commercial and military telecommunications, RF/Microwave components and subsystems, wireless technologies, computer communications and mobile multimedia products and services. Mr. Sutherland has a broad range of clients including Fortune 2000 companies, small and medium sized companies and start-ups. He has also represented venture capital and investment banking sources in market validation, company valuations and due diligence efforts.

Mr. Sutherland has completed many acquisition and divestiture transactions for his clients. Most of his transactions have been have been accomplished by representing a seller and targeting strategic buyers who were willing to meet the expectations of the sellers. Mr. Sutherland has also successfully raised capital through conventional banking sources, venture capital, investment banking and strategic corporate relationships for several small and medium sized companies and assisted in the development of those companies after capitalization. Mr. Sutherland has done many company valuations for high technology start ups and venture backed early stage companies to comply with IRS Rule 409A requirements for stock option valuation purposes. 

Mr. Sutherland has experience with both military and commercial business and has assisted several medium and large companies in developing commercial business by converting military technology, developing strategic alliances, licensing or acquiring new commercial technologies. His primary focus is communications transmission components and equipment for terrestrial microwave radio, fiber optics, satellite/VSAT networks, cellular, and wireless mobile media applications. Mr. Sutherland also has a good working knowledge of computer networking and interoperability products such as LANs, WANs, routers, bridges, switches/multiplexers and protocol converters. Mr. Sutherland’s organization has also done extensive market research in military EW/ECM/RCIED jamming, radar, ELINT/SIGINT, secure communications, UAVs/STUAVs, and surveillance industries.

Mr. Sutherland has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Alfred University (1967) and a Masters in Business Administration Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University in 1981. He has also completed many graduate level courses in advanced communications engineering, finance, and business valuation methods. Mr. Sutherland has been a member of the National Association of Venture Capital, Central Coast Venture Forum, and Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council. He has also been a speaker and a panelist at several wireless communications forums. Mr. Sutherland is co-founder of the Inland TechStart Fund, LLC, a seed capital venture firm located in the Inland Northwest region which funds high technology start ups and early stage companies and provides mentorship to the fledgling entrepreneurs.
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